The Blommar identity focuses upon the warmth and craft present within the items created by shop-owner Rhiannon, taking inspiration from the name itself, meaning flower or bloom in Swedish.
The icon/brandmark exists to be used in place of the full horizontal Blommar logo.
The colour palette is inspired by vintage items and their muted colours, creating a sense of warmth.
A repeat pattern using the bloom from the Blommar logo designed to be used as tissue paper for wrapping items for posting to customers and as a cover photo for social media pages.
Tags are minimalistic whilst showcasing the brand of Blommar and stating the description of the Etsy store.
Thank you notes with hand written messages will be included in packages as a personal touch.
Application to social media channels
Check out Blommar:
Instagram: @blommarshop
Facebook: @blommarshop
Twitter: @blommarshop

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