As a part of this interdisciplinary venture, students worked with industry professionals. Joanna Bury is a British Jewellery Designer and Maker who specialises in contemporary, statement jewellery pieces  formed in a variety of materials. Joanna's design style combines traditional techniques and new digital methods. 

The rings Joanna designed were the products people were encouraged to discover within the process of digging into the structure, which could be found in geometric capsules. 
Graphic Signature
Used on the installation walls, invitation cards, inside the press pack e.t.c. this visual signature creates recognisability throughout the UNKNOWN identity. 
As a part of the press pack and communications with media, we invited people to our event with a special VIP invite, giving details of the event and a sneak peak of what was in store. The rings came in capsules that we sourced which reflected the geometric nature of the physical design and branding of the UNKNOWN installation. 

Our graphic shapes found purpose on the VIP invite cards through creating the name of the addressee. This personal touch was really important to us and shows the flexibility of the identity. 
Shapes were used to create a digital timer which counts down the period of time in which people are allowed to search for rings.
The shapes were used creatively to make symbols for the toilets and bar facilities, signposting their location within the exhibition space. 
Shapes trail on the floor from the pavement, guiding visitors through the installation, drawing attention to points of interest. 
Designed by 
Connor Edwards
Danielle White

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